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Been there, done that- Got the T-Shirt!

You meet so many people in your lifetime and often you don’t get

to keep those people forever.

Sometimes the universe loans us the most amazing people

And when they leave you may feel like you’re missing out on a lifetime of memories with them. You may not realize that that person gave you a little piece of forever in the time you had them.

Long after a person has left your life, memories and thoughts of

them continue to take up space in your mind.


Some days the memories will hit you unexpectedly and you’ll miss

them. Embrace these moments. Allow yourself the time to feel –

like slipping into your favourite oversized comfy shirt – and

let its warmth surround you.

Some days you could be going through the closet space that is your mind, and your thoughts will brush over something you have buried so deep you almost

forgot about it.

Our memories are like clothes: we slip into what once brought us

light, on our darkest days. Often, quite literally, comfort

comes from that one shirt that smells like him/her

Shout out to all the exes who will never get their clothes back

because you want to relive a moment; a person. #caseoftheex

It’s okay; to reminisce, to miss someone. However, the same way you

would – probably – not wear the same shirt over and over (and over and over) again, you cannot live in the past forever.

Even your favourite shirt starts to fade after some time, the same way

memories do.

You have to learn to let go. Remind yourself that you have been

there, done that, gotten the t-shirt – and then, come back.

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