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Royal Fit- New Fit, New You!

I will be the first to admit that I have used the excuse, “I don’t have the

right clothes for exercising!” to get out of honoring my New Year’s

resolution & summer body ideas.

Numerous times. Okay, every year.

Now you have no excuse – Royal Tee Co. is introducing their own Athletic –

and fashionable - range!

For those of us who are finally going to step into a gym to work on our

dream bods; and for those of us who want to look cute and sporty stepping out of McDonald's.

Hopefully having the right gear will help us spring into shape this year –

at the very least we will have another set of clothes to lounge around, run

errands and be comfortable in.

As you are browsing through the catalog (SHOP at the Top)

Remember that Royal FIT athletic wear is not just for athletes –and its existence should not intimidate you.

Grab a pair of leggings, joggers, a tight shirt, or cycle shorts – even if

you have no intention of exercising ever, and you just find them cute.

The rules of fashion are changing – do not quote me on this; I am no Tyra

Banks, just a girl who loooves comfy clothes. Clothes and the categories we

find them in are no longer restricted to particular people, places, events, or activities.

Retail therapy, people – for some reason overspending on clothes brings us

happiness. So, go for it! #YOLO Buy what makes your soul, your body, and your bank

account happy.

I hope that includes filling your basket with tons of

goodies from Royaltee’s athletics range.

Happy shopping!

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