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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year??!

At Least it Won’t be 2020

The holiday season has always been a time of happiness, family gatherings and eating ourselves into a new jean size.

This time last year, many people had their fingers hovering over the “Post” option next to their New Year, New Me selfies. We have grown so accustomed to seeing these posts year in and year out that their absence this year has not gone unnoticed.

Can we really blame them, though?

If this year were a TV show, it would be similar to survivor, with a (Kar-) dash (-ian) of drama and who can forget the Hunger Games’ method of sacrificing a family member to venture out on a store run?

In true TV fashion, though, we lost quite a few of our closest friends in an unfair twist of fate; and those of us who made it to the end keep looking around every metaphorical corner – waiting for another bomb to drop.

That being said, our New Year, New Me community is probably just as apprehensive about the impending New Year as the rest of us. Honestly, we are all too scared to wish, or hope, or create that glorious list of resolutions we rarely stick to; because of the year we just barely survived.

This New Years’ Eve might go something like: You survived 2020, congratulations! Welcome to 2021, walk through carefully and calmly. Do not make any sudden noises or movements that may startle the New Year into wreaking havoc on our lives. Don’t mention 2020 too often, we don’t want to give 2021 any ideas. From mine to yours – we wish you a normal, safe 2021; let’s not set our expectations too high.

I don’t think we should be so nervous, honestly.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that life is extremely short; and can be taken from us in the blink of an eye. That alone should force us to live every moment to the fullest, to truly live – within the confines of a safe, sanitized space and in accordance with Lockdown rules, of course! #quarantinelife

We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that this year, we had ample opportunity to get to know ourselves like never before. We got to build, rebuild relationships with those around us. We had time to reevaluate our paths, make decisions about our lives and give our creative sides centre stage.

You may not be keen to take any reminders of 2020 with you into the New Year – understandably so – but disregarding the lessons you learned, the memories you made and a second chance at life, would be the greatest injustice to yourself.

Despite what this holiday usually means to you and yours; this year, above all else, be grateful for life. Lives of those you love; that could so easily have been stolen by the Coronavirus.

As we take those tentative steps into 2021, we keep the faith that it cannot possibly get worse than this – this will be the year we tell our grandchildren about...

(a real life ghost story).

To 2020 – the year the made us strong and saved us from those New Year, New Me posts.

To you and yours, may the strength and lessons gained in 2020 help you make 2021 a year of reaching goals, achieving dreams and living life to the absolute fullest.

May we never forget how short life is; and always remember the lives we lost too soon.



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